• The Comforter
  • Completely against the established rules a new guest at the monastery is received by Jacob, the concierge. Initially Jacob acts reluctant, as he is aware of the hierarchy within the order. But gradually a relationship develops between the devout concierge and his guest, who has a crime weighing on his conscience.

    Jacob starts to lose himself in the attention he receives and is willing to go far to preserve the friendship.

    Esther Gerritsen tells a story that takes place during Easter and in which Christ’s Way of the Cross plays an important role. In her well-known keen manner, she dissects relationships between people, the expectations and interests involved, whilst questioning the self-evidence of matters.

  • With The Comforter, Gerritsen takes her oeuvre to the next level.’

  • NRC Handelsblad
  • Publisher:
    De Geus
  • Year:
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  • Nominations: 

    Libris Literature Prize 2018

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