• Roxy
  • Roxy’s husband is killed in a car crash, where his body is found naked along with that of his lover. At twenty-seven, Roxy is left behind with their daughter, house, and car, his personal assistant, and the babysitter, all mixed up with the shame of this inglorious end to her marriage. As her parents try to take care of her, Roxy tries to burst free from the shackles of her grief. An impromptu all-female road trip ensues, filled with wry observations about loss, parental responsibility, and the expiry date of love. Through masterful dialogues and in her trademark lucid style, Gerritsen introduces the reader to a woman fighting for relief. Roxy is a character who both shocks and endears.

  • Once again Esther Gerritsen displays her gift for striking sentences and dialogue that teeters on the thin line between normality and alienation, between entertaining kookiness and harrowing absurdism.

  • De Volkskrant
  • Publisher:
    De Geus
  • Year:
  • Genre:
  • Awards: 

    Frans Kellendonk Award

  • English: Roxy, World Editions, 2020

    Spanish: Roxy, Panamericana Editorial, 2016

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