• De Terugkeer (The Return)
  • Jennie was five years old when her father killed himself. That was twenty years ago. She never wanted to believe in his self-chosen death. Her brother Max, who was ten at the time, does not like to talk about the past. But Jennie can’t let the past rest. Their father observes the lives of his loved ones from the hereafter. He has answers to Jennie’s questions, but no one hears the dead. When their mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Jennie realises that she too will soon be unable to give answers. It’s time to dig up the facts …



  • A new highlight in an oeuvre that you could call unemphatically overwhelming. Gerritsen is hypothermic and self-assured, remains in the background herself, while her tone and her gaze resonate in every paragraph.

  • Het Parool
  • Publisher:
    De Geus
  • Year:
  • Genre:
  • Nominations: 

    Boekenbon Literatuurprijs 2021

  • Spanish: title t.b.a., Caballo Negro editoria (AR), 2021

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