• Craving
  • Elisabeth is dying. Coco jumps at this chance to prove her love, and promptly moves in with her deteriorating mother. A venture that quickly sends both parties spiraling out of control. Alongside a supporting cast of ex-bosses, ex-husbands, and (soon to be ex) boyfriends, the two women attempt to work through the annals of their dark yet often wildly humorous relationship. Psychologically astute and eye-poppingly candid, this is a tale about both excess and denial in which some things perhaps would have been better left unspoken. Sometimes the only person who understands you in this world is your hairdresser…

    Gerritsen’s sparse and lucid prose chimes with the absurdist logic and melancholy wit of characters as true as they are ridiculous.

  • I don’t know if I’ve ever read a novel that captures the emotional labor of people-pleasing language quite so well.

  • NY Times Book Review
  • Publisher:
    De Geus
  • Year:
  • Genre:
  • Nominations: 

    Libris Literature Prize 2013

  • Originally published in 2012, he book has been adapted into a movie in 2018.

  • Film adaptation: Dorst, 2018;

    English: Craving, World Editions, 2018;

    German: Mutters letzte Worte, Berlin Verlag, 2014; Spanish: Sed, Eduvim, 2015

    Korean: (Dorst), Jae Seung Book Gold, 2014

    Bulgarian: (Dorst), ICU, 2018

    Croatian: (Dorst), Hena Com, 2019

    Icelandic: Þorsti, Mál og menning, 2013

    Czech: Žízeň, Argo, 2015

    Arabic, (Dorst), Sefsafa, 2017

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