• Brother
  • Brother is a masterful story about the power of family ties, loss, and letting go.

    Minutes before Olivia has to speak at an important meeting of shareholders, her brother calls. His leg might have to be amputated. Marcus and Olivia hardly ever see each other, but the amputation has an unexpected impact on her, as if she’d be losing her own leg. She immediately drops everything in a hopeless attempt to save her brother. But is he really the one who needs to be saved?

    Esther Gerritsen is known for leavening her psychological dramas with wit and realistic dialogue. Brother is vintage Gerritsen, a short, accessible, gripping novella, ending on a positive note.

  • ‘The amputation-story genre has gained a fine new example.’

  • NRC Handelsblad
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  • It was the 2016 Dutch Book Week Gift selection with a printing of 700.000 copies.

  • German: Der große Bruder, Aufbau Verlag, 2018

    French: Frère et sœur, Albin Michel, 2017

    Turkish: Kardeşim, Paris Publishing, 2018

    Spanish: Hermano, Caballo Negro editoria (AR), 2021

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