• Esther Gerritsen (1972) is a Dutch novelist, columnist and screenwriter. Since her 2000 debut with Bevoorrecht bewustzijn (Privileged Consciousness), Gerritsen has been considered one of the best authors in the Netherlands and makes regular appearances on radio programs and at international literary festivals such as Litquake and Wordfest.

    Her novels Superduif (Superdove, 2010), Dorst (Craving, 2012), Roxy (2014) and De Trooster (The Comforter, 2018) were all shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize. In 2005 she was awarded the BNG prize for her second novel Normale dagen (Ordinary Days, 2005) and in 2014 she was awarded the Frans Kellendonk prize for her body of work. Gerritsen writes a popular weekly column in the VPRO TV guide and she had the honour of writing the Dutch Book Week gift in 2016 with a print run of 700,000 copies.

    She is currently making a name for herself as a screenwriter for film and TV. She wrote the scenario for Instinct (Halina Reijn, 2019), which was the opening film at the Dutch National Film Festival, was praised and lauded at international filmfestivals such as Locarno, Toronto and London and is the Dutch entry for the 2019 Oscars.
    She was the head writer of Red Light, a TV Series featuring Maaike Neuville, Halina Reijn and Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones) and is currently working on multiple projects, including an adaptation for screen of her own latest novel Area 19.

  • Books

    Gebied 19 (Area 19), novel, De Geus, 2023

    De Trooster (The Comforter), novel, De Geus, 2018

    Broer (Brother), novella, CPNB, 2016

    Veilig leren lezen (Learn to read safely), collected columns, De Geus, 2016

    Roxy, novel, De Geus, 2014

    Ik ben vaak heel kort dom (I’m Often Briefly Stupid), collected columns, De Geus, 2013

    Dorst (Craving), novel, De Geus, 2012

    Jij hebt iets leuks over je (There is Something Nice About You), collected columns, De Geus, 2011

    Superduif (Superdove), novel, De Geus, 2010

    De kleine miezerige god (The little puny god), fiction, De Geus, 2008

    Normale dagen (Normal days), fiction, De Geus, 2005

    Tussen een persoon (Between a person), fiction, De Geus, 2002

    Bevoorrecht bewustzijn (privileged consciousness), fiction, De Geus, 2002

    Screenplays & scripts

    Instinct, film by Halina Reijn, 2019

    Dorst (Craving), film by Saskia Diesing, 2018

    De Kopvoeter en andere toneelteksten, International Theatre & Film Books, 2015

    Nena, film by Saskia Diesing, 2014

    Is dat een kapstok? (Is that a coat rack?), theatre, 2004

    Toneel (Theatre), collected theatre texts, De Geus, 2004

    Drie theaterteksten (Three theatre texts), International Theatre & Film Books, 2002